Kiddy Up Go - Photo Album of Your Children at the Same Age

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Got 2 kids or more? Ever wondered what they looked like at the same age? Kiddy Up Go lets you do just this.

You can compare each of your children in a scrollable stream which shows a set of photos for each child at the same age. You can swipe back ‘n forth to compare how they grew.

Start by creating an album - enter your kid’s name and date of birth, then add some photos or take a couple of news. Do this for another kid. Then select the kids you want to compare.

For example, say you have 2 girls – Dina and Amy. Dina is 7 years old, and Amy is 4. Simply create an album for Dina with her date of birth and few photos, and do the same for Amy. You can then sort the photos by age and side-by-side. Not only can you see what Dina and Amy both looked like when they were the same age – you can scroll through them to see how they both grow. With enough photos, it’s amazing if you have a whole timeline for each child, you can scroll and watch them grow together.

iPad users can compare 3 kids – all three have their own timeline.

This is a must have app for parents – a completely novel way of seeing how your children grow. Did they look similar as they grew or did they get more different? Now you can find out!